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Your Koala can organize the following services:


Save lots of time and nerves with professional tax filing. Delegate bureaucratic correspondence and be sure all your deductions have been applied.​ Our partners are specialists for private taxes, company taxes and taxes for expats.*


After a hard working day the last thing you probably want to do is paying bills. Relieve you from this burden and delegate paying bills to your Koala. Send photos of all your bills by WhatsApp to your Koala and receive monthly statements to stay on top of your regular invoices. Ask your Koala for details.

​​   Insurances

Do you like dealing with insurances? Knowing what insurances you actually need (health, accident, home, car, etc.) may be quite confusing, and finding the right offering can be stressful and very time-consuming.​ Make it easy and let your Koala help you get an overview and receive some basic guidance. Your Koala can research various insurances for suitable & best offers, deal with formalities and provide support with processing insurance claims. 


If you would like your whole insurance portfolio properly customized and managed for you, your Koala may organize professional insurance support for you.*

   Correspondence with Authorities

Your Koala can help you with correspondence with authorities and escort you to meetings, incl. translation. 

​​* These services are provided by service partners and are not included in your subscription.


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