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Your Koala can arrange:

-  Hairdresser

Save time and avoid a stressful drive through traffic to a hairdresser. Get a haircut at home!​ Call your Koala to have it organized for you. For men and women.​ If you prefer a salon in the city, your Koala can book an appointment.

-  Manicure

Treat yourself with a manicure or pedicure! Your Koala will gladly book an appointment either at your home or at a trusted salon.

​​-  Beauty treatment

Enjoy a beauty treatment either at home or at an exclusive English-speaking salon! Your Koala will gladly book an appointment for you.

-  Tailor

Does your favorite pair of jeans need repair or your evening dress an adjustment? Your Koala can send a tailor to pick up your clothes and bring them back repaired. Or treat yourself with a perfectly fitting suit or dress! Your Koala can make an appointment with a trusted tailor in the convenience of your home.

-  Professional makeup

Do you need a beautiful makeup for a special event? Like for your wedding or an important business meeting?Call your Koala to have it organized in the comfort of your home.

-  Massage

Treat yourself with a relaxing massage. Your Koala will gladly arrange it.

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