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Your Koala can organize the following services:


How about some quality time just for the two of you?  Call your Koala to help you arrange for a bilingual babysitter who will take care of your children while you are enjoying a nice evening. All babysitters are qualified professionals with excellent references.

   Child Care

Do you need a day for yourself? Are you looking for a place for your child in Day Care?​ Your Koala can arrange Day Care for your children at a bilingual Day Care Center with fully qualified teachers. A driving service can come to pick up your kids and bring them back home.

​​   Nanny

Would you like regular help with your whole household? Call your Koala to arrange a household help for you.​ Services include home cleaning, dish washing, tidying up, doing the laundry, ironing, shopping, cooking and taking care of children.

   Private Tutoring

Every child has the capacity for great things. Given the right conditions, they have the capability to achieve. Call Koala to help you arrange private tuition for your child.​ The one-to-one environment of private tuition means their capabilities can be nourished, developed and grown outside of the noise of the classroom, and their full potential can be realized. A good private tutor will furnish students with the confidence, knowledge and mindset to succeed.​ Available for a wide array of subjects and for all ages & levels.

   Children's Doctor

Are you looking for a good doctor for your child?​ Call your Koala to arrange for a trusted experienced English speaking pediatrician.

​​   School

Public Schools in Switzerland are excellent and free. They are a good way for your child to learn and find friends. English language is taught from the second year of primary school. Click here to find out which school your child can visit.​ If you are looking for an International Bilingual Private School, then your Koala is glad to provide you with information and help you with onboarding.


Walking to school in Switzerland is fun & save! Should you prefer to accompany your kids to school, save time and don't drive through traffic Call your Koala​ to clarify the possibility of including your child in an existing school bus ride in your area or to organize a save private transport for your children to school.

   Leisure Activities

Are you looking for a football training or violin lessons for your children?​ Your Koala can help you find a suitable offering for your child.

​​These services are provided by carefully selected service partners and are not included in your subscription.


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