How it works

What's in for me exactly?


- Access to a local specialist who can organize and find out almost anything for you

- Trusted and nice personal contact

- In your language (D, Eng, F, I, Esp, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese)


- Delegate time-consuming daily tasks with a click

- One stop shopping for everything

- Get things done


- Forget tedious search for a service provider worrying about price & reliability
- Always have a solution at hand immediately


- Rely on carefully selected service providers

- Professional and experienced service providers with all the necessary insurances and registrations
- Always get good value for your money

- Have fun delegating tasks with a click
- Experience maximum convenience

- Win back hours of lifetime 

What is NOT included?

We delegate most tasks to 3rd party providers.


Your subscription does not include any 3rd party services.

You will have to pay for the 3rd parties who provide you with the organized services separately. 

You pay them the same price like if you had booked with them directly yourself.


Think of it as an office secretary: He/she will not cut your hair, clean your home or fly you around in a helicopter - but we will organize it and see that things get done.

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive your client number and the contact details of your Koala and you can start delegating tasks immediately. You can also personally meet with your Koala.

How do I delegate a task?

Contact your Koala via WhatsApp, phone or via the Delegate-Button on the website and t
ell him/her what you need.

How do I pay for a booked service?

You pay the service providers the same way and the same price as if you had booked with them directly.

After the service providers have completed their service, they will provide you with their invoice.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Limited to Zurich
This service is currently available in Zurich only.

No guarantee to become a client
Due to capacity reasons we cannot guarantee that you are immediately accepted as a client.

Working hours

Our team is available from Monday - Friday 08.00 - 19.00h. 

Depending on your situation (Tourism, VIP, event, etc.) we may provide after-hours & weekend service as well.

We guarantee availability and service within a reasonable amount of time.

Right to refuse specific services
Your Koala is free to decline a delegated task, especially if it is unethical or in any other way contradicts our business practice.

Recurring subscription
Subscription is recurring monthly until cancellation from either side.

Late recurring payments
You will be notified by e-mail and after 5 days of no payment any further services will be discontinued.

Termination of Service
The business relationship can be terminated by either side by e-mail for no reason by the end of the month.

Disclaimer of Guarantee
Although we do our best to preselect the 3rd party providers, we ultimately cannot guarantee organization and execution of their services. Liability for service lies between the 3rd party provider and the end client. 
We keep the content of our website as accurate and up to date as we can, but we don't guarantee for correctness and accuracy of the information as it is subject to frequent change. Pictures are purely artistic and do not accurately represent a service.

Agreement to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
By using our platform you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and these Terms of Service.

Changes to Terms and Services
We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service anytime without notice.

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