Work smartly


Take the opportunity to outsource work to our team.

What we do:

✔ Administration
We can perform various tasks specific to your work. 

Processing orders, performing simple calculations, preparing documents, business correspondence, updating databases, sorting and archiving documents, organizing meetings & conference calls, organizing business trips, ordering office supplies, etc. 

✔ Project Assistance

We can support you with your project.

Researching specific questions and topics, collecting data, creating presentations, organizational help, etc.

✔ Individual work steps

You can outsource individual steps of your work process to us.

Editorial work, checking expense reports, pre-selection of applications, testing of products, inventory management, marketing tasks, etc. 

✔ Online services

Update websites, online shops and social media profiles, create newsletters, place ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In English and in German.

Your benefits:

✔ Lower your costs
Be flexible and optimize your capacities: Buy exactly as many hours as you need. Immediately available, without administrative effort. No office space required.

✔ Increase your capacity
Get more things done with our help. Make use of the whole 24 hours of the day, delegate tasks at the end of your work day and find them completed in the morning.

✔ Focus on important work
Be effective by focusing on work that really matters and leave the rest to us.

✔ Free yourself
Delegate your work to leave the office early and create more time for yourself.

Suitable for:

- Busy professionals
- Entrepreneurs
- Companies

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