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Your Koala can organize the following services:

   Dog Walking

Your dog will be conveniently picked up from your home (special mini van to Zurich forests).

The walks are designed lovingly with lots of care and customized to age and health of your dog.

   Pet Sitting

Your Koala can arrange pet sitting for a day or a longer holiday, either at a pet holiday pension or in the familiar surrounding of your home.

​​   Veterinarian

Your Koala can arrange for an English speaking veterinarian coming to your home. For illness or accidents, vaccinations, travel documents, registration, etc.

   Dog Grooming

Washing, trimming and hygiene for your dog.​ Pickup service & day sitting available if required.

   Pet Food & Accessories

Don't drive through traffic carrying home heavy bags - let your Koala conveniently shop pet food online and have it delivered home. Your Koala may also order pet accessories (toys, leashes, clothing etc.).

​​These services are provided by carefully selected service partners and are not included in your subscription.


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