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Technical Support

Your Koala can organize the following support services:

   Computer Support

We will pick up your laptop and bring it back repaired, or we may organize PC repair at your home.

We can check for possible warranty, coordinate repair with the manufacturer and help process any insurance claims for you.  

   Phone & Tablet Repair

We will pick up your device and bring it back repaired. We can check for any warranties, coordinate repair with the vendor and help you process any possible insurance claims for you. 


​​   Home Appliances

We will arrange your broken home appliances be repaired (dish washer, kitchen stove, freezer & fridge, washing machine, TV- & sound systems and most things that require power). We may also check for possible warranty claims and coordinate with your property management whether repair is covered.

   Office Equipment

Copy machine, printer, etc.

These services are provided by carefully selected service partners and are not included in your subscription.


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